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AVF Summit 2016

AVF Summit 2016

June 13th 2016, RAI Amsterdam

Vertical farming has the potential to make this planet a healthier place, while
simultaneously contributing to a stronger economy. However, overcoming the many
challenges the industry faces and repairing the planet’s ecosystem requires a departure
from the status quo. During the A VF Summit 2016, speakers and other participants will
investigate how circular economy can address these challenges and hence, yield true
sustainability for vertical farming. The A VF is gathering international experts from both
areas of discussion to introduce best practices, foster new ideas, and inspire further
innovation. Some of the confirmed experts include Dr. Dickson Despommier (Columbia
University), Jasper den Besten (HAS University), Fabio Ziemssen (Metro Group), Paul
Hardej (Illumitex), Steven Beckers (Lateral Thinking Factory) and Oscar Rodriguez
(Architecture and food).
The A VF will welcome companies, city planners, research institution, governmental
bodies and enthusiasts, who will exchange their experiences, perspectives and ideas.
Together with the experts, the participants will discuss developments and propose
solutions for the future of Vertical Farming, focusing on circular economy principles. The
AVF Summit will broadly be discussed via social media and most likely resonate for
many months and years to come.
All demonstrations and speeches will be part of a broader discussion of how we can
collectively adhere to the ideas that make up a circular or zero waste economy. As the
AVF, we are already changing the nature of vertical farming and agriculture at large. With
your support, we can do even more. At the moment we need support for paying high
profile speakers (accommodation, travel etc.), catering and filming the event. Additionally
we are open to any promotional ideas you might have – just talk to us !
Vertical Farming at GreenTech Amsterdam 2016, June 14th-16th
The Association for Vertical Farming is collaborating with GreenTech

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