International Vertical Farming & New Food Systems  Conference and Exhibition 2021
20 May

AVF Summit 2015

AVF Summit Beijing

When May 9-10th, 2015
Where Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, National

Agricultural Science & Technology Demonstration Park South
Lianxiang Bridge, Haidian District Beijing, China

• Meet international Vertical Farming experts, academics, business
representatives, urban planners, architects, investors, decision and
policy makers
• Develop specifc business ideas and projects
• Grow your network and start new cooperations
• Gain insight into a new business feld

May 11th: Optional feld trip for selected companies to Tianjin Economic
Development Area TEDA to visit potential sites and government representatives.

The two day event moves beyond talking about vertical / urban farming
and towards valuable international knowledge-sharing and project

The AVF sees China, with its technological expertise, urban expansion, and
existing indoor farming knowledge as a critical player in the global
development of sustainable vertical farming.

By bridging the gap between East and West we can encourage
sustainable business models and research projects globally. This event will
bring together international experts and local stakeholders in urban and
vertical farming to present best practices and technological progress to
each other with the goal of developing a roadmap for pilot projects around
the world.

AVF will bring together multiple stakeholders in order to:

  • Present case studies of a variety of existing VF business models in
    Europe, the US and Asia.
  • Present the state of technical developments within VF such as
    hydroponics, LED lighting and high-tech Controlled Environment
    Agriculture (CEA).
  • Educate and inform on policies and possibilities of integrating VF into
    urban planning and the Chinese market.
  • Provide a platform for a variety of international VF stakeholders to
    engage, network and explore projects.

Confrmed Speakers

  •  Prof. Yang Qichang (Chinese Academy for Agricultural Sciences, CAAS)
  •  Prof. Dongxian He (China Agricultural University, CAU)
  •  Dr. Toyoki Kozai (Japan Plant Factory Association, JPFA)
  • Dr. Dickson Despommier (Columbia University/The Vertical Farm)
  • Dr. Wen Tao (Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, IEDA)
  • Dr. Zenshan Yang (IGSNRR-CAS and RUAF-China)
  • Dr. Nate Storey (Bright Agrotech)
  • Marc Ferguson (Hungry Planet Farms)
  • Yuval Zohar (JDS Architects)
  • Manuela Zoninsein (Smart Agriculture Analytics)
  • Jack Ng (Sky Greens Singapore)
  • Henk de Zeeuw (RUAF)
  • Hans Au (iF Foods)
  • Henry Gordon-Smith (Agritecture)
  • Maximilian Loessl (agrilution)



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