Walter Heidl

President of the Farmers' Association

Short statement by Walter Heidl, President of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association
Agriculture and forestry are the green foundation of our society and produce high-quality food for a growing world population. The diverse and far-reaching changes in the economy and society due to climate change, digitalization or globalization offer the and globalization offer trends and opportunities for the agricultural sector, but also bring challenges. With diverse future models and value creation potentials, we want to create stability and a long-term perspective for all farms.
Vertical farming as one of many possible future models can, for example weather-independent with precise plant nutrition, for example, can make an additional contribution to crop production. crop production. Short transport distances, efficient land use through “cultivation in the vertical” or a reduced use of resources speak in favor of this. Not to be neglected, however, are the additional energy and technical requirements, or the specialization of the
The question of economic viability is linked to this.
In a good mix of innovative production systems and classic full-time or part-time farms with arable agriculture will continue to provide high-quality products in the future, preserve jobs and use products, maintain jobs and conserve resources. Agriculture of the future is diverse and sustainable – in social, economic and ecological terms. And it is the coexistence of traditional and new forms of economy, work and life, which distinguishes Bavaria and the Bavarian farms.