Tusya Gharibashvili

CEO SpaceFarms

Tusya Gharibashvili is a young innovator and entrepreneur since 2017 working on developing urban agricultural practices in Georgia. She is the founder of SpaceFarms, the first fully automated, vertical sustainable farm in Georgia, The first project
SpaceFarms was implemented in cooperation with the Adjara Group at the award-winning Hotel ”Stamba” in Tbilisi, It is the only hotel in the region whose design included the indoor vertical farm, in closed space growing: microgreens, leafy vegetables, edible flowers, strawberries, and miniature vegetables. Tusya is also actively involved in the combinations of urban farming and advanced
agricultural practices such as AI, IOT and Smart Farms. One of Tusya’s first projects was the urban farm – microgreens company “Urban
Greens” (urban greenhouse). She is also a co-founder of IX millennium project researching Georgian vine varieties and trying to grown them in the simulated environment (simulated environment on Mars, closed automated greenhouse and closed automated greenhouse without soil and sunshine).