Maximilian Lössl

Co-Founder & CEO Agrilution
Max grew up as the son of a development aid worker in China and experienced the stark contrast between the comfort of technology and malnutrition at an early age. While traveling the world and living in New Zealand and the EU he understood the link between the harm our global food systems are having on the planetary boundaries. Inspired by Vertical Farming he came up with the vision of bringing the revolutionary concept into everyones home and founded Agrilution in 2013 – which is part of the Miele Group since end 2019.
Agrilution enables consumers to elevate their personal health and well-being by providing access to highly nutritious and super fresh produce grown in their own home – fully automated, all year round. Our solution is an ecosystem consisting of a smart kitchen appliance (Plantcube), seed consumables (Seedbars) and an app. Pioneering our category, we are building consumer products, which are the global market reference for Personal Vertical Farming.