Marian Peters


Marian Peters BSc. MBA, female, studied Applied Sciences in Wageningen. In 2012 she earned her MBA degree in Business Creation in Food and Health. Marian has 15 years of experience initiating and executing (commercial) employment projects (Randstad); innovative projects (including EU projects) initiated (City of Amsterdam and the Province of North Holland) and was responsible for drafting policy, labour, economic and agricultural innovation projects. Since 2004, Marian is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Venik (Dutch Insect Producers Association) and the International Insect Centre (Cooperative, 2013) cooperation and business creation network in the insect supply chain. Her work is dedicated to the promotion and introduction of insects for human consumption and the development of new and safe products.


Important results of Marian’s work: cooperation with Wageningen University and Research Centre (Agricultural University (WUR)), insects in the policy and legislation of the Netherlands (Green-deal), EU and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the creation of partnerships and participation in various (international) projects.

Marian is co-author of the cookbook; The Insect Cookbook – Food for a sustainable planet and has written articles for books and publications of United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization/FAO (downloadable at FAO website:  (, pages 113-115), the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies ( , pages 114-117) and the trend book ‘The Future of Food “.  The latest publication of Marian (2020) is the ‘Agenda for innovation for Dutch Insect Sector 2020-2024’ (downloadable: .

Marian gives many presentations, including TEDx presentations.