Lucas van der Zee

Lucas van der Zee (Msc.) is a research fellow working with the AMS institute and the Horticulture and
Product Physiology Group of Wageningen University. With a background in molecular biology and
biosystems engineering he investigates novel modes of plant production with a focus on sustainability
from the molecular- through to the farm- level. Previously he has worked as a University of Amsterdam
researcher in systems biology and a sustainability consultant for Metabolic.

Subject: Growth without light & fruits without plants
Plant production has followed the same pattern since the beginning of agriculture: A seed germinates –
roots take up water and nutrient – leaves take in carbon and solar energy – a plant develops. The
looming climate crisis challenges us to revisit this dogma; can we fuel plant growth without light? Can
we culture fruits without plants? In my talk I will outline a research program that searches answers to
these questions.